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For Pet's Sake Slow Down

Carla Jackson

By Carla Jackson

Last weekend my daughter’s beloved border collie was hit on the 331 Hwy. The driver just drove off and left him lying there on the highway severely injured, unable to move.
I want to thank the gentleman who took the time to stop and come to the house to let us know what had happened. Your kindness and decency is very much appreciated.
I would also like to thank the gentleman who stopped to help my husband lift our dog onto a blanket and into the car. Countless vehicles sped by us during these horrible moments, it’s nice to know there are still caring and compassionate people out there that will offer and helping hand. Your kindness is much appreciated.
I have travelled the 331 to and from work for 10 years now and there are many homes along that highway that have dogs and cats. Often times I will see dogs sitting at the end of their lanes, sometimes waiting for “their kids” to arrive home on the school bus. I’ve also seen drivers speed by them, barely missing them. I do not understand why drivers do not slow down when they see a dog. I do, every time. I would rather get to where I’m going a few minutes later than be responsible for causing injury or death to a family or child’s beloved pet. It’s not only pets along this highway that drivers need to watch for either, there are often cyclists, joggers, walkers, kids getting on and off the school buses.
What sort of person runs over someone’s dog and just drives away? My guess is it’s the kind of person that really didn’t care if they hit the dog in the first place. Heartless is the only word that comes to mind. The type of person with an “it’s only a dog” mentality. Well the dog you just left for dead on the side of the highway had a name. It was Super and he meant the world to us.
Lastly I would like to thank Tammy Dunbar for meeting us so quickly at the office after hours. Although the outcome was devastating, I want to thank you for the compassion and understanding you showed us during a very difficult time.
I realize that sometimes when pets get loose, venture near or onto the road these accidents can’t always be avoided. I just hope that drivers will try to be more aware and slow down if they see someone’s pet near the road. It may not seem important to some, but to a pet owner it is.
Carla Jackson

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