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A history of initiative and brainpower

Portage la Prairie became a marvelous little city because there was abundant initiative shown by pioneers of the likes of John O’Reilly. Lets examine some of those early merchants. From the day O’Reilly began business here everything he sold had to be brought in from Winnipeg.

A memorably painful autumn trip

This fall I took a trip. It was short but memorable. It began with me running along the sidewalk behind my dog, and finished with me face first on the cement. I ended up in the emergency ward at St. Boniface Hospital.

Leg’ seeks decorum, city council some life

Leg’ seeks decorum, city council some lifeSo legislative house speaker Myrna Driedger is demanding decorum in the provincial legislature! Portagers can use a little less decorum during Portage la Prairie city council meetings.I’d like to see some discussion of issues. In just over a year of covering city council here, I’ve heard debate exactly one

Increase defence spending

Donald Trump recently made headlines about how NATO countries are not carrying their fair share of the defence burden. But even President Barack Obama publicly pointed out, in his address to Parliament no less, that Canada should contribute “its full share to common security.”

Trump can't even satisfy Republicans

Whatever hopes Republicans may have had of their candidate salvaging a vestige of respectability from the charred rubble of his presidential campaign, those are now gone.

There will be no classes in East Ward in 1915. (Submitted photo)

A corner full of history

While driving east on Saskatchewan Avenue the other day, I turned south onto Broadway --- that’s 5th Street East, you know ---when it struck me that there is a lot of old Portage in that first block south. The fact that I grew up just around the corner, as had my Dad before me, might be the reason for my reasoning.

Al Collins.

What’s a son to do?

There is a species of skinks, placed on the endangered list, whose counts and audits showed a remarkable decline in numbers year after year. The decline was across genders but in particular the male skink was disappearing at an accelerated rate.