Let’s bare our scars

Let’s bare our scars

The grim history of the centuries’ old city bore the scars of conflict and strife. Though masked by the warmth of its people and the bustling pace of a City that welcomes more than twelve million visitors annually, there is an immediate sense that Dublin, Ireland has many stories to share.Sure, you can find the cobblestone streets which wind throug

Your co-op and credit unions are not grocery stores and banks. They are principles and movements that in many ways defend members from an exclusively profit driven world and grant us the ability to offer care and opportunity to one another. A return to implementing this mission would be a stride worth taking.

Take it in stride

Co-ops and credit unions have a long and distinguished history. This history has always had a character of separate and apart from the mainstream. A distinction of people joining together, pooling resources and sharing in an endeavour that stood outside the traditional big business and big bank models. Often this separateness occurred because both

PRED Executive Director Vern May

Other people’s money

How does the landscape of the Portage region change if all local businesses withdraw their sponsor support of sports teams, events and community causes for one full year? Does anyone have an estimate of just how much our local merchants are “taxed” by our demands to contribute financially to the projects that are near and dear to our own hearts? Wh