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Southport is a not-for-profit property management and development company, located 3 km south of Portage la Prairie that owns a Transport Canada approved airfield. Its goal is to establish a world-class business centre balanced with lifestyle, wellness, and recreation facilities.

Southport’s tenant base includes health administration (Southern Health-Santé Sud), education and training (Red River College Stevenson Aviation, Assiniboine Community College, Accelerated Christian Education), manufacturing (Airport Technologies Inc.), addictions counseling (Addictions Foundation of Manitoba), food services (Sawmill Tea + Coffee Co.), childcare (Portage Day Care) and support services for the military flight contract ( KF Aerospace).

Southport has a modern fitness facility (Central Plains RecPlex) that features an indoor track, 9m climbing wall, fitness area, a full-size gymnasium and a welcome centre.  Southport is equipped for short or long term stays at the multiple accommodations buildings on site.

Southport strives to ensure the facilities its tenants use fit their needs based on their unique requirements. Southport is committed to providing quality customer service and establishing a sense of community that will enrich the experience of doing business with us.

Visit Southport’s website for a complete listing of existing facilities and areas of potential expansion.



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