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Apply to council

This City Council of Portage la Prairie has one more year to go in this mandate. Some of the Councilors may not run again in October 2018. You might think that now courage in policy issues could be forthcoming.


Question: “Will you remove the word ‘bee’ from the list of  restricted animals (sic).”

Answer: NO.

So bees remain something that we do not want here. Winnipeg and many other big cities allow hives. Plap ?? I guess we are not big. Council has several committees where citizens can help and serve and offer ideas, like Planning, Emergency, Library and so on.

How do you apply? ….. You cannot. There is no way to do that. Only those ‘in the know’ need drop a word to someone and get appointed. This is democracy, when council does not have a process for citizens to apply to help and volunteer their services to the city?

Ten months to go. Will anyone step up?

-Bill Knott

Golf course complacency

I feel bad that complacency may have cost Brad Young his job as Portage Golf Club professional. I, along with most members do not attend member’s annual meetings so don’t participate in golf club discussions and elections.

After the golf course closed for the season, I was shocked to see an advertisement for a General Manager. I thought we have stable management and thought everything this past year was well managed. The grounds crew continued to make a number of improvements. The gravel on the cart paths, trimming of shrubs and trees along the lake at the 17th and 18th tee box, cutting of lower branches and general appearance. Nice work Farrol and gang.

Allie, Jean and her kitchen crew are always pleasant and I have enjoyed breakfast/lunches after 6 pac on Tuesday and bar service after Men’s night. Four years ago, the association that I worked for held a surprise retirement party – golf and banquet for 150 people at Portage Golf Club. The ladies at the office later told me that Allie had been the easiest, most accommodating, most pleasant person they had ever dealt with in organizing the event. To me that spoke volumes, as our association annually organize conventions in Portage, Brandon and often in Las Vegas - so the office has considerable experience in these events. A tip of the hat to Allie and her staff.

Ten or fifteen years ago, we tried to move the potato industry golf tournament to Portage but were told because we didn’t have 144 golfers, that they couldn’t accommodate our needs. I know in the past 5 or 6 years this must have changed as I have seen smaller groups being accommodated and have golfed around their block of tee times. I have thoroughly enjoyed Brad and his changing but excellent crew of young fellows at the Pro Shop. The staff have been very accommodating in booking tee times, retrieving clubs from the pro shop and supplying carts during fair breaks and at the end of the year. Thanks to Brad and crew.

It wasn’t apathy but complacency that things were going quite well that caused myself and I believe, a number of others to not attend annual meetings and now feel somewhat negligent that lead to Brad being let go and the executive going in a different direction. Sorry, Brad.

I am not sure of the new direction, but hope there will be a pro to assist some of the excellent young golfers that Portage has. I also know that we don’t have a clubhouse like Bridges or Scotswood Links that probably need extra marketing to accommodate the weddings, banquet functions to sustain those facilities.
At the same time, good luck to the new manager.


-Garry J. Sloik

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