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Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

I Remember

First I want to thank all who served and survived; and an extra special thanks to those who served  and did not survive. Now, as I think back, I feel sure the grandparents, mothers, fathers, and young children who kept the production lines of necessities going at home deserve a small thank you as well.

When I was 12, I worked with a harvest crew that consisted of a father, mother, their 11-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son. The man and boys made up the threshing crew. The mother and daughter did many other jobs; canning, and much more.

On our way home from school, in the fall of 1939, we met a neighbour who told us of the outbreak of war in Europe. At this time I was 11, my sister was nine and little brother was seven. We were pretty young to take in the disastrous meaning of what war really meant.

We sure knew by the time it was over. Two of my sisters, an uncle, and my oldest brother all served in the army. My brother was a prisoner in Hong Kong. When he finally returned to Canada, he went directly to the sanatorium in Ninette, Man., as he had caught tuberculosis while a prison of war. I could write a book about different things that took place back then. But that is not the point of my letter.

Fairly often we hear people say they are tired of hearing about old wars from many years ago and they wish people would quit talking about them. Why?? If those people had seen some of our brave men come home with one or both legs missing or been present when a family got word that their son was either killed or missing in action, they would remember forever and a day.

A big thank you to all who served in any way. Above all make sure you remember to remember.

-Vic Pople
an old goat who remembers

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