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re: Kostuchuk Aug. 3 Letter to the Editor

In respect the letter published Aug. 3rd by Mr. (James) Kostuchuk that ran with the headline “Bergen supports child torture?” I wish to register both my shock that you would insert such a headline and a rebuttal to the outright fallacy promoted as truth by its author.
The fact of the matter is that the entire (Omar) Khadr incident transcended three different federal governments which included two different parties and took place over many years.
Additionally, the “facts” as presented include nothing of the numerous crimes Mr. Khadr admitted to and was ultimately found guilty of. 
He was an enemy combatant actively taking part in a war and he was responsible as a Canadian citizen in a war zone for killing an American serviceman.  It is worth further noting that only the circumstances of that particular day led to him killing an American.
 It could just have easily been a Canadian soldier as well. 
And, while it is true he spent a number of years incarcerated in Cuba, he most assuredly deserved this and most certainly does not deserve to have won 6-49 in exchange for his murderous and treasonous actions.
The humanizing of his monstrous behaviour at the expense of a well-respected and highly effective Manitoba MP (Candice Bergen) whose current position is years removed from the actual incident by Mr. Kostuchuk, shows a lack of judgement by the author and the headline inserted by your publication is at a minimum sensationalist and at worse defamatory.
I believe an apology is in order.

Ross Spagrud

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