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Issue of bullying a concern for everyone

Submitted by Linda Omichinski, Portage la Prairie

Some of my friends and I have received hate mail. Have you? Even if you haven't received hate mail, do you gossip about anyone in a negative way, which essentially is another form of hate? Read on ...

The Canada Safety Council defines adult bullying as a "grab for control by an insecure, inadequate person, an exercise of power through the humiliation of the target." It involves humiliation or abusive words that lower a person's self-esteem. It can take the form of rude, degrading or offensive remarks; intimidating gestures; or discrediting a person by spreading rumours, ridiculing the person or calling into question their convictions and private life.

Any hate mail is filled with judgment and accusations mostly falsehoods that try to rile up the victim. Here's the thing though. If you see where it is coming from, a person that is damaged, a person that is so insecure and inadequate that they have to stoop this low to feel a sense of self worth, they have no power over you.

Jealousy can be a motivator for a bully to attack. A bully wants their own way, no matter what the consequences may be for anyone else. A lack of responsibility is highlighted by the 'how dare you demand that I care about anyone else beside myself.'

So how does the bully learn the lesson that life is not only about them? By standing up to the bully and not letting them walk all over you. See things as they are, be a detective, find out who is doing this and teach them the lesson that they need to learn. The world does not revolve around them. We live in a world of

co-operation and interdependency -- and one in which love, kindness and compassion goes much further than hate.

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