Plenty of locals at Grey Owl

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A plethora of local golfers made the annual pilgrimage to Clear Lake Golf Course for the annual Grey Owl Golf Tournament.

Though none of the locals were involved in the championship flight, a pair of MacGregor players - Kevin Lamb and Brent Lamb - were in the first flight. Both had a handicap of three, and Kevin was eighth with a two-round score of 154 and Brent was 14th with a score of 161.

MacGregor had a pair of players in the second flight, as Jed Barber and Chris Brown were 15th (164) and 17th (167), respectively. Barber had a handicap of seven and Brown's was five.

In the third flight, MacGregor players Kevin Terrick, Rick MacDonald and Darcy Howarth were seventh (162), 12th (168) and 20th (187), respectively. All had a handicap of eight.

Some Portage content began to show up in the fourth flight, as Rick Suderman was seventh with a score of 12 and a handicap of 10. Meanwhile, Barry Hooke was 12th in the flight with a 165 score and 10 handicap and Richard Locke was 20th with a 172 and 10 handicap. In the Greyer Owls flight, Hooke was 11th and Locke 14th, while Hooke was fifth in the Greyer Owls 60-64, and Locke was seventh in the Greyer Owls 65-69.

In the fifth flight, Dennis Nodrick and Don Spriggs were back-to-back at ninth (168) and 10th (169). Nodrick had a handicap of 13, while Spriggs' was 12.

MacGregor's Darren Pennell was just a spot back of Spriggs with a score of 169 and handicap of 13, while Phil Davey was 14th (172) and Dan MacDonald was 17th (175). Both MacGregor players had handicaps of 12.

In the same flight, the Portage Daily Graphic's Barry Clayton was 18th with a 176 and a 12 handicap. The score also placed him fourth in the media flight.

In the sixth flight, Portage's Bart Anderson was 10th (177), Dave Patsack was 14th (179), Don Boddy was 21st (186), and Craig Matthews was 22nd (188). MacGregor players in that flight were 12th-place Ryan Turner at 178 and 25th-place Braden Coates at 190. All had handicaps of 14, except for Matthews at 15. Matthews was also 33rd in the Greyer Owls flight, and 13th in the Greyer Owls 60-64 flight.

In the seventh flight, Portage's Cam Freeborn was second at 169 with a handicap of 16, while Randy Davison was 16th at 191 and a handicap of 18. In the eighth flight, Mitch Brennan was fifth with a 182 and 20 handicap, Wayne Klippenstein was 27th with a 206 and 22 handicap, while Tom Hyde was 29th with a 209 and 19 handicap.

Meanwhile, in the ninth flight, MacGregor's Andre Lanoie was fifth with a 191 and 25 handicap while clubmate Russell Strutt was 25th with a 220 score and 30 handicap. Lanoie was 38th in the Greyer Owl flight and 15th in the Greyer Owl 60-64 flight, while Strutt was 62nd in the Greyer Owl flight and 19th in the Greyer Owl 65-69 flight.

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