Pop group in Glesby's Destino

Jerry Maksymyk, William Glesby Centre

In my next few articles I'll be covering some of the upcoming performers in our new season. Every year we try to offer a diversity of music. This season we have a talented array with more of a focus on Broadway musical style of performances as well as opera, pop, rhythm and blues and even a little Gospel in the mix.

In this article I'd like to focus on a group called DESTINO. It's a Spanish word which simply translates to Destiny.

They are comprised of three men and one woman whose backgrounds are dramatically different. You would think that combining that diversity would lead to a sound that would be hard to blend. But exactly the opposite happened. They managed to incorporate their style into a fresh and vital sound that has them receiving standing ovations everywhere they perform and has them being showcased on the NBC and ABC networks, Entertainment Tonight, Canada AM, and E-talk. Some of the venues they've had the privilege of performing in include Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Walt Disney World and St. Peter's Basilica. Performances have also included the Beijing Summer Olympics, the Vancouver Winter Olympics, and the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas.

Three members of the group worked with each other for five years on other musical projects. Their evolution led to the decision to create something completely different, something that's never been done before: a group consisting of two very different voices and two very different instrumentalists, all able to stand on their own, but together wanting a unique sound.

But a piece was missing: a versatile pop singer. They found that person in New York. Terance Reddick could sing pop amazingly well, just as well as he could sing gospel, R and B and Jazz. The group was now complete.

Roy Tan, the pianist, is the Mozart of the 21st century. However, the others like to call him 'Roy-Pod' because he can instantly play a masterful arrangement of any song. He arranges Destino's music in collaboration with the other members. His unbelievable flair for improvisation will leave you amazed. His talent even extends to singing!

Joey Niceforo is the charming and charismatic founder of Destino. He has a beautiful romantic tenor voice with a honey quality reminiscent of times past. Joey grew up in the mining town of Sudbury, Ontario where he began singing under the tutelage of a French nun. He received his opera training at the University of Toronto.

Rosemary Siemens, violinist, brings sparkle to the group... literally! Her fashions sparkle as brightly as her eyes. But her talent with the violin outshines all else. She began playing at the age of three and is blessed with perfect pitch. She received her master's degree in music from the University of Miami. She has performed internationally, but her roots stem from a small Mennonite town in southern Manitoba called Plum Coulee.

Destino's music is real, melodic, inspirational, exciting, familiar, and draws from the present and the past, the pop and the traditional. It is truly a reflection of the diverse backgrounds and experiences of these four friends. It is very evident on stage that each of these performers is a natural soloist and judging by the fact that they receive standing ovations at virtually every performance from their audience that their talent that has come together was meant to be their destiny.

You can experience this incredible group as part of the Glesby Centre's season package. Priced at only ninety-nine dollars for five performances, this package is an exceptional offer.

For more information contact our box office at 239-4848.

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