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VIDEO: Water levels still high at Delta Beach

By Angela Brown, Portage Daily Graphic

After last year's flood, there is much work to be done at the cottages and homes at Delta Beach that suffered damages, and water levels still remain high.

On Tuesday a number of residents were at the site surveying the destruction to their properties and what needs to be done going forward.

"We're trying to clean it up," said Andy Fletcher, who is planning on returning to his residence on Hackberry Avenue West later this month. "It's a continuous job. We have worked hours and hours on this. We have been doing this since last September."

He was seen burning debris in the yard to help clear up his property.

Fletcher's property had been two feet under water when the flood hit. He was evacuated May 31, 2011, as a result of the flood.

"One corner of our deck had collapsed, so I had to lift that," he added. "We have massive rocks in the front because we did not know how high the water would get."

There was very little shoreline left, and while Fletcher notices the water levels from Lake Manitoba are coming down, they are still fairly high.

Another resident Pat Yuill was also concerned about the water levels.

She had her front porch patio windows smashed out as a result of the strong force of the waves from the flood and is not sure what to do next.

"It's very discouraging," she said.

A number of adjusters were assessing the damage on Tuesday.

Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie councillor Terry Simpson said there is a great deal of garbage to clean up and downed trees also to remove at Delta Beach.

"It's coming along, but there is a lot of work to do out there," he said.

Plans are to demolish cottages that are severely damaged and not usable following the flood.

"We have to get permission from the provincial government to have them destroyed and hauled away," said Simpson.

One issue that is also a concern is evidence of break and enters into several cottages recently. As well, the canteen on the public beach was burned down, with vandalism suspected.

"It's a concern out there because there are not enough people (living) out there," said Simpson.

He added more patrols by the RCMP over the weekends have been requested.

Meanwhile, property owners continue to deal with their loss and try to plan for the future.

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