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School Division hires literacy coach

By Robin Dudgeon, Portage Daily Graphic

There was much to report at Thursday's school board meeting including the hiring of a literacy coach for the division, and the wrapping up of a two day workshop on the provincial report card template.

Division Hires Literacy Coach

This fall Sandi Shaw-Lyons will become the new literacy coach for the Portage La Prairie School Division, it was announced Thursday.

Shaw-Lyons is currently teaches reading recovery at Yellowquill School. Come the fall she will work part time at Yellowquill in addition to working as a literacy coach for the Division part time.

Assistant superintendant Mike Mauws noted that literacy is something that Shaw-Lyons is both passionate and knowledgeable about and the division is excited to have her begin her new position.

MCEC Appreciation Letter

The Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children (MCEC) sent a letter of appreciation to the school division recently thanking them for their contribution.

The letter was sent to the senior life skills class who made a nice ceramic plate which was auctioned off to help with fundraising.

The funds raised would be used to send representatives to the Yes I Can Awards in Denver, CO for a convention and conference there which took place Apr. 11-14.

Training continues on provincial report cards

Training has continued across the Province in anticipation of the provincial report card template that many divisions will be making use of come the fall.

In the Portage la Prairie School Division a two-day session was hosted Apr. 23-24 which was attended by ten staff members including assistant superintendent Mike Mauws.

The Province is holding these two day workshops for school divisions in the province to further train staff and bring them up to date on the finalized template.

There will be further training sessions happening in Brandon, Morden, and Winnipeg in the coming months.

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