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One step forward, not two steps back

Brittany Buhler, Columnist

Unlike an ancient evergreen that is bent and twisted from old age, we are young and free. We have our whole lives ahead of us to put our thoughts, dreams and wants into forward motion. We mustn't fear what may come simply because it is something we cannot control. For all we know, we could lose our jobs tomorrow and have to start the search for a new one. We may lose a friend or a loved one and realize that our lives really aren't that long and it could be over in the blink of an eye. I have had this experience recently and believe me, it's not easy. In a way, we knew that death was inevitable but we clung to the small hope that he would survive and come out stronger in the end. The shock of finding out he was no longer with us was still overwhelming. I think one of the worst things about having a family member pass on is to see your family members grieving because it makes you realize that you're not the only one trying to get through it - that others are hurting too. Death makes you wrestle with your fears and it knits everyone closer together at the hearts. Experiences like these shape our character and help us get to where we are today and will continue to push us to grow and conquer. They guide us in every day life and remind us, from our mistakes, not to make them again.

Now we shall look into the future to search beyond the overgrown hedge blocking our vision. What do you see? Where do you see yourself in two, five or even 10 years down the road? Some of us have it pack down: a good job, a house of my own and a family. We want happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction. But do we ever really know what is to come? The answer is no, we don't.

Part of living each and every moment is being free from things that chain us to our pasts. It's about taking initiative and following the path you are meant to follow. It is not worrying about things like old age and wrinkles, (because we all know it'll happen no matter how much we deny it) and it is focusing on taking one step at a time instead of trying to plan out steps not yet taken. Each moment of every day, every breath, every heart beat is a blessing. Whether you seize the day or let it lie is your choice.

Buhler's Bit is a youth column that appears once a month in the Portage Daily Graphic.


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