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Much on the go in the RM of Woodlands

By Robin Dudgeon, Portage Daily Graphic

Things are starting to get busy for the RM of Woodlands. A number of different issues came up at Mar. 27 meeting that could be important to area residents.

Economic Development Reserve

Council established an Economic Development Reserve for the purpose of green space development, a rental housing incentive program, and for an infrastructure investment program.

"It's been passed and accepted by council. They proposed to put $20,000 into it over the next three years but we only put $10,000 into it this year. We wanted to cut a few places to keep our budget in line," said Reeve Donald Walsh.

Walsh said it was unclear whether some of the funds would be used in 2012 or whether council would rather wait until 2013.

"There's some sidewalks or walking space they want to do, there's some low income housing that if we supply $5,000 a site the government will supply $5,000 a site. Those are the two things the initiative wanted for sure," said Walsh.

2011 Financial Report

Despite an error in the minutes of the Mar. 27 meeting the RM of Woodlands is planning to present it's financial report to the public on May 1.

"We just passed the first reading on it or whatever but we haven't gone to the public with it yet. We were supposed to go earlier but there was a mix up in the notification of it so we had to postpone it," said Walsh.

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