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Beef producers celebrate Earth Day

Jordan Maxwell, Central Plains Herald Leader

Earth Day has come and gone but for the beef producers in Manitoba, land care and awareness is 365 days a year.

The Manitoba Beef Producers celebrated Earth Day on Apr. 22 to raise awareness for the earth and the importance of caring for the land is something the MBP take very seriously.

"It is essential that we ensure our practices are environmentally sustainable for our livelihoods, our families, neighbours and communities," said Ray Armbruster, MBP president said in a statement. "It is the right thing to do and we take pride in protecting the land for future generations."

Producers in Manitoba continue to implement environmentally sustainable land management policies in order to increase biodiversity, manage emissions and regulate water use, he added.

More and more farmers are beginning to adopt environmental farm plans to sustain these practices and reduce the environmental footprint caused by agriculture in Manitoba.

"Preserving the health of the water and land is something that is a critical part of beef production," said Armbruster. "Beef producers are the stewards of the land."

The MBP alluded to initiatives such as rotational grazing and native grass seeding as beneficial methods because it helps producers to keep a healthy stand of grass while addressing the quality of the land.

Another method that is helping producers is the solar powered water pump which helps to provide water for their cattle while protecting water supply.

Cam Dahl, general manager of the MBP, said that much of what members do helps the water and land as the group looks to continue and bolster their strategies as time goes on.

He also said that the MBP wants people to know that beef producers care about the land we live as they do their best to preserve natural resources that make our livelihoods possible.

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