Opinion Editorial

All budgets point to cutbacks

Angela Brown, Editor, The Central Plains Herald-Leader

The past few weeks have likely given Central Plains residents a sense that the future won't be better until everyone has had their fair share of toughening up before hand, to ensure there is more money available later on.

With the provincial budget released on Tuesday the RHAs will be resized and streamlined to provide some cost savings to the government and to help reduce that hefty deficit.

Similarly, the new federal budget aims to save some money for the future by eliminating a plethora of public service employees' positions in

the meantime.

With so many job cutbacks, that can only mean the employment lines will be getting longer all the while.

The provincial budget did include a 25 cent increase to the minimum wage coming up this fall however.

Let's hope that it does not come that more and more people will need to be surviving on only minimum wage because many of the positions that offered a decent living will eventually be all but gone.

- Angela Brown is Editor of Central Plains Herald-Leader

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