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B.S. Club give the Centennial Centre a $500 donation

There certainly wasn't any B.S. behind the $500 donation that the B.S. Club made to the Centennial Community Centre on Tuesday afternoon.

"As soon as we make $500 we give it away," said Don Whyte, president of the B.S. Club- yes, B.S. stands for what you think it stands for. "At one time we used to give away as much as $4,000 a year just through our little club, now we're down to about $1,000, so we give $500 at this time of year and $500 at Christmas."

Whyte says the B.S. Club supports community centred organizations, like the Portage Hospital and the Centennial Community Centre. "We try to give to places where a lot of people in Portage go," he said.

During a barbecue at the Midtown Motor Inn on Tuesday afternoon, Whyte presented Shane Moffat, president of the Centennial Community Centre, with the cheque that will come in handy for the year-old facility.

"Every donation we get means a lot to the club, but it actually means more to the community," Moffat said. "When we took this project on a couple of years ago, it wasn't about us, it was about the community. So every kind of donation that we get, its all goes to the youth of the community, and that's why we keep the rink open. We enjoy getting donations and it goes to a good cause."

Moffat said the money will go into a slush fund for the rink, and will come into play for the capital costs of upcoming renovations which include insulating the rink, repairing the flooring of the rink, and replacing the ice plant next year.

"I'm happy and grateful for everybody that's donated," he said, adding that Whyte also donated $500 of his own money to the centre.

The B.S. Cub has been around for about 28-years, it was started by the old manager of the Portage Hotel, Murray Aberdeen, who has since passed away. The group of B.S.'ers, who named themselves after a statue of a bull in the old Portage Hotel, still meet every Tuesday afternoon at the Midtown Motor Inn. In all, about 25 regulars show up, but Whyte says the club has recruited members from all over the world throughout the world, including from as far away as Germany.

About 20 years ago, when Whyte was voted in as the president of the club, he introduced the idea of giving money to different charities.

"The people really started to feel good about themselves, they got right into it," he said. "It's better than just sittin' around B.S.'ing."

Whyte said the club is now focusing on raising $500 to give to the Portage Hospital at Christmas time. In order to do that, the members, new and old, will continue their Tuesday afternoon tradition of meeting in their non-formalized meetings at the Midtown Motor Inn.

"We come every Tuesday, unless there's some kind of catastrophe," he said. "It's the greatest club in the world."

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