Photo courtesy of Royal Wood Royal Wood will play the William Glesby Centre on Sept. 26.

They sound like whom?

Comparing our accomplishments with that of someone else can be pretty demoralizing. We would always be stuck with that feeling or need to “measure up”

(Ted Meseyton photo library Phytochemicals found in cucumbers can help relieve bad breath and neutralize mouth bacteria. Suck on the cut end of a small cucumber or press a slice of cuke to roof of your mouth with tongue or thumb for thirty seconds and then expel it.

Foods that reduce body heat

Is there such a thing as cooling summer veggies? Absolutely! Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) describes summer months as “the season of fire” – hot

A clown shows off his handy work as he makes balloon animals at the MacGregor Fair at the Normac Centre on June 27, 2015. (Johnna Ruocco/THE GRAPHIC/POSTMEDIA NETWORK)

Fair has successful turnout

The MacGregor Fair is over for another year with a good attendance and a beautiful sunny day. The parade of the vintage cars was especially worth seei

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