Bring back flower fun into the floral garden with a packet of calendula seeds. The best way to appreciate calendula and observe their stunning attractiveness is to grow your own. Each blossom is unique unto itself and very useful for cutting. Calendula salves and lotions are made from this distinct group of historical flowers and possess healing qualities. (Ted Meseyton/Submitted photo)

Marvelous marigold

There are some hardy annual flowers that are almost embarrassingly easy to grow and calendula is among them.

The march of technology continues to render obsolete many things once thought essential.

Confessions of a techno twit

I hate learning new technical stuff. Unfortunately, an unwillingness to learn new technical stuff these days will make you obsolete.

Manitoba flood forecasters Steve Topping (right) and Fisaha Unduche speak to media during a conference at the Manitoba Water Stewardship office in Winnipeg, Man., on Fri., March 27, 2015. Kevin King/Winnipeg Sun/QMI Agency

Peak flows already past

Manitoba's flood forecasters say only a major spring storm could bring the potential for significant flood damage this season.